Anish shares 1st place in Tata Steel Chess 2021

Anish has played his first over-the-board tournament since March 2020: he was one of the 14 participants in the 83rd Tata Steel Chess Tournament. The tournament was played while Holland was in a lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, which also had an impact on the event: only the Masters Group was held, not the Challengers Group and the traditional amateur events.
Anish played very well, finishing shared first with his fellow countryman Jorden van Foreest. The Armageddon game was won by Van Foreest, despite a much better position for Anish (also in the other two Blitz games). His biggest chance to win the event was in the penultimate round, when Anish could not convert his winning position against Alireza Firouzja. All and all a very good event for Anish: he won 12,4 rating points and is back in the top-10!