Anish enjoyed playing on a ship in Rotterdam


After having missed the chance to play the Candidates, Anish took a small break before playing two events in Norway: the Meltwater Online Tournament in Oslo and the traditional Norway Chess Tournament in Stavanger. In both events Anish finshed in the middle, you will find some analyzed games by Anish in the Games Section.

At the very same moment when the Candidates started in Madrid, Anish played the European Corporate Chess Championship  (RAPID) in Rotterdam, on a Tour Boat. Anish was representing his personal sponsor Optiver, that played with two teams in the event.

It was a nice experience for Anish, to play an event under such relaxed circumstances instead of the tension in a standard tournament arena. It was clear that Anish enjoyed both days, see here some pictures of the event.

Photos by Frans Peeters

Final standings of the tournament.

Now it is time for Anish to prepare for the Olympiad, his next important event, where Anish will represent the Netherlands.