Anish Giri

Chess Grandmaster
#1 in The Netherlands
#10 in the World

Welcome to Anish Giri’s website

This website will be updated on a regular basis. Most articles should appeal to both chessplayers and non-chessplayers, to Giri-supporters from The Netherlands, Nepal, Russia and Japan as well as to Giri-supporters from all around the world. The webpage will be a platform for all to get acquainted with Anish and follow him more closely than ever before.

Anish: "Aryan, do you follow my YouTube channel?"

Aryan: "You mean, do I also get clickbaited like 112k other people?"

Giri begins his campaign at the Tata Steel Masters 2021 with a victory over Aryan Tari.

This is an #ad (as if all my other tweets aren'tπŸ˜‚), but the boys @DecodeChess are taking chess tech to a new level and have created a software that explains the engine recommendation in simple and understandable terms.Β 
Folks, chess is now decoded.⬇️

In yesterday's blog we revealed the winners of Course of the Year and Author of the Year - big congratulations to @anishgiri and @GMShanky!

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