Anish Giri

Chess Grandmaster
#1 in The Netherlands
#10 in the World

Welcome to Anish Giri’s website

This website will be updated on a regular basis. Most articles should appeal to both chessplayers and non-chessplayers, to Giri-supporters from The Netherlands, Nepal, Russia and Japan as well as to Giri-supporters from all around the world. The webpage will be a platform for all to get acquainted with Anish and follow him more closely than ever before.

@anishgiri & @jordenvforeest zijn vanavond (18:00) live te zien bij de Chessable Masters 🤩. Ga jij ook kijken?

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📣 Streamers, listen up!

For the first time, we’re giving access to our player-cams to all you Twitch streamers out there. Anyone wanting to cover the big 16-player @chessable Masters with player reactions can do so, for FREE!

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