Anish on his way to Bucharest after new successes in May

Recently Anish has played two strong online tournaments: as in 2020, he won the Mr. Dodgy Invitational (16 players K.O.). In a joyable final, with chess and dancing, Anish beat the flamboyant GM from Georgia, Baadur Jobava: 7-3. In the super strong Crypto Cup (the strongest online event so far) Anish qualified convincingly for the K.O. Stage, in which he lost in the first round to GM Teimour Radjabov from Azerbaijan. It was a close match, where one win for Radjabov, in eight games, was enough to win the match. The tournament was won by World Champion Magnus Carlsen, who beat Wesely So in the final.

Currently Anish is preparing (and packing) for the first stage of the Grand Chess Tour, that is about to start. This event will take place in Bucharest, where ten strong participants will play over-the-board in a classical format. It is the first event from several over-the-board-tournaments that Anish will play during the summer.

(2. June 2021)